Enable 4k Resolution with ATI HD 5770 and Seiki 39″ SE39U04

I’ve been playing around with this for a few days now and the internet has either really outdated or really unhelpful information. Now that I’ve got it working in all it’s tiny 4K pixel glory, I figured I would give back.

I did this on Windows 8.1 Professional using a Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 and 2 HD5770 graphics cards in cross fire. These are admittedly old hardware components but if you are using something different I can’t guarantee your results. With that being said, the results for me have been amazing.

The process is relatively simple thanks to ToastyX and his utilities. In the interest of giving credit here’s a link to the post that really made this all possible for me. If you don’t want to wade through all that the steps are below.

  1. Download and install the latest CCC drivers from ATI’s website.
    ATI CCC Info
  2. Download AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher – For whatever reason ATI seemed to be refusing to let me use the dual channel capabilities of the cable that came with the Seiki tv. Apply this patch to get at all that bandwidth.
  3. Download CRU-1.1 – This amazing application lets you override the available options from the display settings menu.
  4. Click add and set your resolutions to 3840 by 2160 by 30hz and choose LCD Reduced to save some bandwidth. I was unable to get it to work without this option unless I reduced the refresh rate. Hit OK and restart your computer.
    CRU Details

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy all your extra resolution without any additional hardware.


9 thoughts on “Enable 4k Resolution with ATI HD 5770 and Seiki 39″ SE39U04

  1. Thanks i have the same tv an got a radeon HD 7750 card that does 4k its a newer low end card but i justfound a tower with 2 HD 5770 with cross fire an was wondering if it will be betterthen a single HD 7750

    • I would stick with the 7750. I ended up building a new computer and while they both did the 4k resolution the new card had support out of the box. Additionally, the new cards are getting updated drivers and better support with each software release. If you are planning on doing any gaming at 1080 the cross fire would probably give you better frame rates.

  2. Hi, i don’t really understand your Manual. Does it means that the two graphic Cards are needed to generate auf 4k signal? Or would it also work with one 5770 ?

    How have you connected your TV ? HDMI ?


    • I was able to run the 4K Signal off just a single 5770 especially for non-gaming activities. HDMI is the only option for the Seiki since it doesn’t have a display port.

      • you are awesome !

        Works even with the 5770 and a Samsung 40HU6990 !

        The only handicap is, that I had to zoom windows to 140% to see something. So some texts and the windows widgets aren´t anymore looking as they should (watch no longer working, weather and CPU widget only textmode)

        But the main feature of 4k is really bombastic !!

  3. I have used this to enable 4K on my HD5770
    The only problem is it breaks HDCP so I can’t watch BluRay

    AMD refuse to even acknowledge this is possible.

  4. On step 4, which add button are you using?
    I’ve tried several times to add in the customized area, to obtain greater than 30Hz and rebooted to no effect. Using: AMD Ratheon HD 5570, Dell UltraSharp U3219Q Monitor, and Displayport / cable use. Any tips would are appreciated!

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