Unified Remote

Continuing with the theme of remote control software this one works in reverse from Synergy. Instead of reducing the number of input methods were going to add one that you already keep in your pocket.

Unified Remote

This handy little app installs right on your smart phone and adds support for controlling your computer from across the room. This makes it ideal for watching TV in bed when you don’t want to get up. Ideal for all those times when Netflix demands that you hit “continue playing” right in the middle of the episode.

With this app you need to think big. They’ve added a variety of custom remotes in addition to just basic keyboard and mouse control. Connect your laptop to your speakers and use the media remote to control volume and play controls from anywhere in your house. No need to be able to see the computer so feel free to hide that old laptop away in your media cabinet and use Unified Remote as your only mouse and keyboard.

It can connect through the wifi or bluetooth and it automatically detects your computer so setup is super easy. Just install the software on your computer and on your android phone.


There’s a full version as well if you like supporting the dev’s.

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