Software that you really should know about

Over the coming days I’m going to do a series on software that you really should know about. There’s tons of amazingly useful apps that can dramatically improve the way you use your computer. ┬áSome of this stuff is so good it seems like it should be bundled with the operating system. First up:


Most people don’t even know they need this software. I’m picking them first because they asked me for help spreading the word and frankly, the software is awesome.

What it does: shares one mouse and keyboard across all your computers seamlessly. Most people have embraced the concept of multiple monitors.  The productivity improvements are super apparent. Well the same is true for this. Take that spare laptop you have sitting around from ages ago and put it to work.

All you have to do is install Synergy on both computers and you will be able to move your mouse from one screen onto the other. It’s all wireless and you just added processor capacity to your work space. Synergy is literally the first thing I install on any new computer. You probably wont need it all the time, but when you do, it’s there waiting.


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