How to Install Backend Theme on Odoo 11 Community

Download the theme from the theme store

This will contain 2 files which you need to add into your addon directory. If you installed with Bitnami then it’s in


You need to copy the 2 files into that directory. The configuration file by default does not include this directly so you need to add it.


The first line should say “addons_path.” At the end of that line add a comma (,) and then the full path to your addon directory.

addons_path = /home/ubuntu/odoo-11.0.20171118-2/apps/odoo/lib/odoo-11.0.post20171118-py3.6.egg/odoo/addons, /home/ubuntu/odoo-11.0.20171118-2/apps/odoo/data/addons/

In Odoo go to the settings page and look for “Activate the developer mode” and click that

Then go to “Browse Apps” and remove the “Apps” from the search bar and search for theme. You may need to click “Update Apps List” if it doesn’t show up automatically.

8 thoughts on “How to Install Backend Theme on Odoo 11 Community

  1. Thank you for the app.
    Just installed it. Much easier to navigate than standard CE interface.
    One issue came up:
    Selecting CRM in the left hand side bar does not seem to work correctly.
    When selected, “Pipeline” opens, but any previously selected module remains active in the top menu.
    Selecting CRM from icon panel brings up full CRM menu as expected.

    • Sounds like the perfect how-to then. All the information you need, nothing you didn’t and it worked on the first try. Flawless victory

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